Self-Love: A Craft to Learn

“Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.”

Love, as the notion prevails today, is largely outward focused – reserved only for that special someone in your life. We grow up fantasizing about this feeling of exhilaration, clinging to a belief that expects salvation from outside.

However, the true meaning of love begins with self! We attract it in our lives only to the extent that we find contentment and fulfillment inside us.

It all starts with devoting our time and energies, not in idle pursuits, rather, in cultivating our talents and abilities!

Crafting is one easy way to bring ourselves closer to our soul… to quench our very ‘Human’ desire to create something beautiful (and flaunt it ;-) )

This Valentine’s Day, shower your love on others…but remember to shower it on yourself first! More chocolates to you yay :D !! And the next time you are bursting with joy from within – your masterpiece in one hand – remember, that’s what true love looks like! :)


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