Keep Calm... It's Girls' Night!

How to plan a Crafty Girly Party?

“I don’t want to go to the same old Pyjama parties with my friends”

“I am just too bored of clichéd sleepover and slumber parties”.

“We are so overdone with movie and shopping dates with my girl gang and I am tired of thinking what to do for my next home party”

“I am bored of office gossips and MIL bashing with my friends”

Every time I meet my friends, their face expresses the same old sentiments - “BORED OF DOING SAME THINGS SAME WAY” or “HOW TO KILL TIME” or “WHAT TO DO ON A SUNDAY”.

I was increasingly growing nervous about an upcoming girly event at my place planned a month back… After a lot of brain-racking about how t make it interesting this time, my thoughts drifted off to how my Mom and Aunts always found time to meet & connect - with their faces exuding genuine happiness... I wondered what made them connect at such a deep level? And then it dawned on me - Ah! They were always creating something!!

If it wasn’t the usual 'achar', 'papad' or festival sweets making sessions…it would definitely be bonding over knitting, crochet, embroidery or the likes. Some of them were experts at the particular task at hand while the novices hovered around trying their best to learn and unafraid to ask questions!

And then my mind wanted to scream out loud “hey wait …why don’t we all try creating things together?” But then I shut my thoughts thinking my 'cool' friends will not even give it a try. But the crafter in me never stopped thinking about WHAT IF THEY DO?

Finally, with nothing better in mind, I decided to give this thought a try and planned on organising a DIY Crafts party.

But alas! the ordeal wasn't over as I had to rack my brains again for craft ideas and where & how to get craft supplies :( I started looking around at many online craft stores and then I stumbled upon something that was my EUREKA moment!

On the designated day, my friends came by and had no clue what was coming ahead :) After arranging for snacks, I put on some light music and then to everyone's surprise I brought out a bunch of MADE BY ME - DIY craft boxes.

At first, they were all confused and gave me weird looks but after slight urging and me making some cute faces they started creating :)

Much to everyone’s surprise, we all got so engrossed in making the mini lamp craft; that the night just went by…. And at the end of it we all had a sense of accomplishment, our bonds of friendship were strengthened as we laughed at our clumsiness and helped each other like school kids! It's a no brainer that we remember that night till today.

Now, whenever I light my study room with that cute glittery creation, it reminds me of how by creating things together we could all come closer to each other.

And the bunch of us have now become trend setters by holding an art & crafts party every fortnight – Our special DIY CRAFTS PARTY!

What are some ways that your girl gang and you connect and create? Tag your girl friends in your comments below and Share on social media!

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