How to buy Joy?

Ever tried buying Joy? Well, it is POSSIBLE!

It all starts with our parents buying us an ice-cream when we first start believing that Joy can be bought :) Then we get a toy and the next toy and are on top of the world… and soon enough we keep wanting more & more to bring that feeling of Joy back.

As we grow up, however, we realise that no matter how hard we try, we can at best buy only a fleeting sense of Joy that disappears at the first sign of someone having bigger or better! We shop for the latest trends, the best beauty services, get the best stuff for our house… Heck! even for our kids and end up having more than what we want - the Joy however, if any, lasts only a short while!!

Despite this and contrary to what you will find in a philosophical book, what if I tell you, Joy can actually be bought!

- Not with what you are thinking though! :)

Made By Me

I first stumbled upon this realisation, when I watched the Hollywood movie In Time’.

The story is setup in a fictional future (not-so fictional I would say!) where time IS money, literally! The people have to buy everything by using time ticking off on their wrists and well, when one runs out of time, alas! thats the end.

It is such a profound thought that it took me many days to digest and gets me thinking even today. Fiction aside, in a way, we are actually paying for everything with our time… the race in the modern world is a constant struggle between Time & Money. We spend time to earn money and spend money to save time :) A huge majority of us slog it out doing things we don't enjoy to buy stuff we don't actually need!

That brings me to the conclusion that we have the power to actually buy True Joy - but by paying not with money, rather, with our Time!

We can buy Joy by using Time to ‘Create and Build’ something. This could be anything of lasting value - knowledge, family bonding, a career that we truly love, a good cause, a hobby (like art & crafts, gardening, sports, music etc.).

For when we indulge in creation, we give voice to our highest potential and the Joy is etched in our life forever!

The idea I’m trying to bring forth here, is not to relinquish materialistic pleasures but realising that we must also endeavour to go beyond them. We must also invest at least some of our time in things that bring us lasting value.

Yes, it may seem easier to buy stuff off the shelf than slog it out to create it, in the long run, it is costing us dearly!

There are many initiatives being taken up around the world to help us go back to the basics - like the Arts & Crafts, DIY & maker movement that has gained traction recently.

To further prove my case, take a look at something a Brit + Co. reader recently wrote:

“My mom was named Miss Betty Crocker of Springfield, New Jersey in 1967. Thirty-five years later, I graduated from an all-girls high school that scorned home-ec class as “sexist.” Though I could speak Spanish, recite from the Canterbury Tales, and figure out the volume of a cone, I couldn’t do laundry, change a tire, or sew on a button. I was educated, but fairly dumb. Since then I’ve taken it upon myself to learn the DIY skills I’d missed out on.”

Read full article here

Made By Me, is one such service in the DIY crafts space, to let people feel the joy of creating again. Using the monthly subscription box as a model of operation for the DIYers in India.

What are some ways that you think you can use your Time to buy Joy? Comment and share below!

P.S.: ...And having an Ice Cream still qualifies as buying Joy :)

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