7 Crafts to TRY before you die

The 7 must-do Art & craft activities that will change the way you see the world around you.

You may love or hate crafts but the urge to express creativity has been associated with the human race for as far back as we know. The forms have changed (and also remained same!), the norms have come and gone but what remains is our constant urge to beautify the world around us - as if to leave our presence on the vast cosmos and be a part in its creation.

Over the years I have read many to-do and must-do lists going viral on the internet but surprisingly never something related to arts & craft.

Either we have forgotten the importance of creativity in our everyday life or feel it is reserved for the chosen few. Whatever the reason may be, I thought about compiling a list myself and putting it out there to inspire all the craftisits and non-craftists out there. I have also included pictures symbolising these crafts and directing to a few inspirational blogs/ sites.

  1. Handloom weaving

Weaving as an art has always intimidated me and was the first craft I wanted to write about. This is one art form not many of us are familiar with and by trying our hands on it we can truly appreciate the hard work that the artisans have to put into it.

Weaving a cloth is a quite complex and requires high skill level and patience. However, artists are now attempting modern forms like wall arts & tea-coasters. This has been made possible by crafters that developed mini-looms to let people like us try our hands on it!

The internet has a plethora of ideas to inspire, here is one that inspired me:

The next time you shop for a hand-woven pice of fabric, you will know it true worth! :)

2. Woodblock Printing

Ah! the smell of wood and paint together..a crafters heaven!

Printing on cloth (esp cotton) using wooden blocks is still prevalent as a commercial art form in many parts of East Asia & India. A few well known Indian examples are that of Sanganeri print from Rajasthan and Bagh Print from Madhya Pradesh. These block designs even inspired the British Paisley design as we know it today.

Small wooden blocks are now available at many craft stores for DIYers who want to try their hands at an easy and rustic way for printing fabric.

3. Perfumery (make your own Perfume)

Ever wished to have your own distinct fragrance that can be attributed to only you!? A fragrance not available on retail but crafted specially ‘for you’ and ‘by you’!

Well, perfumery is not as difficult as you may think and a few simple diffusers or roll-ons can be created by using essential oils. Sandalwood oils have been age-old favourite.

I added it on the list because frankly, no one knows you better than you!

4. Origami Art

Origami is a well known Japanese art of paper folding. Until recently, my understanding of the same was limited to a few basic patterns like the boat, crane and simple flowers, learnt during childhood.

However, Origami is also prevalent as an art form in wall murals, displays and complex animal shapes. Check out the Koi-fish Wal art that is a slightly complex but very beautiful art:

5. Clay modelling

Absolutely therapeutic to the touch, working with clay indeed has a way to calm a stressed soul.

Working with clay is magical as you can keep shaping and reshaping until you are absolutely satisfied. At the same time, it also requires huge amounts of patience.

While, the traditional form using natural clay requires firing, we now have polymer clays that are much easy to work with and add that extra dash of colour as well, while still enhancing the experience with their soft touch.

Also check out this simple tutorial:


6. Metal Embossing

Since we can’t be goldsmiths easily, metal embossing is the closest we can get to creating art using metal :)

Also known as Repoussé which is a metalworking technique used to work on the reverse of the metal to form a raised design on the front. while, chasing is the name given to the method of refining the design, on the front of the work, by sinking the metal.

The two techniques combined together is known as embossing. it is most commonly done using copper or aluminium sheets.

7. Découpage

Découpage is a craft that can transform mundane objects like glass bottles, wooden or metal boxes

and even fabric, leather and burlap, into beautiful pieces of art. the technique involves decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts or special tissue onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements.

The list above is not exhaustive and does not include the classic crafts like knitting, crochet and embroidery. Think of it as a list to get you inspired and take the first step towards crafting!

While seeing new places or engaging in adventure sports helps you connect to the outer world, engaging in mindfulness activities helps you reconnect to your soul.

The subscription based craft DIY service, Made By Me, is a convenient one-stop solution to get your hands on to these crafts with a new range of projects titled DIY to TRY!

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Do you have any crafts in mind that you wish were on this list? Pl let us know in the comments below.

P.S- the links to the sources have been embedded in the pictures

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