Crafting your way to Self Awareness!

There are days when I really have to remind myself why I chose to be in this business… Caught up in myriad thoughts of my own I really have to sometimes pull myself up to get going. Hello!! Have I lost my mind to think of Crafting at a time and age when things are going digital at break-neck speed?? Or rather going senile at a relatively young age (ouch not so young anymore :P) - to hold on to an era gone by?

May be… May be not!

Self-awareness is indeed a goal often used and abused by one and all - from our local sadhus to the new age Gurus and even our very own office HR ;-) but little to no means are laid down to achieve the same.

How about I tell you that Self-awareness is nothing but another name for being present in and aware of only the current moment... And that we can achieve it by doing many of our day-to-day tasks ( need to purchase those tickets to a Himalayan retreat as yet :D ).

When we use our hands to create things of beauty… our minds are better able to focus on the here & now. Cooking, Crafting, Painting, Pottery are a few ways that help us be in the present and develop self-awareness.

For, when our minds learn how to shut of the clutter… true knowledge flows through without our even realising it consciously!

Time now to step-back, pause and recharge through self- awareness!!

#DIY #Crafting #Destress #Selfawareness

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