Why crafting is only for kids

‘Coz there is a child in each one of us :)

“There is a child inside each one of us - that comes out in front of the person we are most comfortable with”

We all have an ‘Inner child’ who continuously interacts and lives with us constantly. Many a times we suppress it and sometimes we bring that child to forth.

Life as an Adult in the modern day throws many challenges, obstacles and can pressurise us in adverse circumstances. However by searching for that inner child within us, interacting with that inner child, taking care of that inner child , developing that inner child we can get immense strength to fight back against those pressures and challenges. By developing a relationship with our inner child our lives will be refreshed with enhanced vitality and creativity that is caged within us.

I for one, always (and in all ways) enjoyed playing with kids mostly my younger cousins and the kids of my older cousins (phew! I grew up in a joint family) - concocting new games, making silly faces, singing rhymes and what not! To this date, I am their favourite person on earth when they need advice for their school art and crafts projects - I have lost count of the no. of times I designed and guided them through these! I strongly feel this activity in particular is what has strengthened my bond with them.

All too often we hear the benefits of stimulating the 5 sense organs in children -

  • stimulating creativity

  • cognitive thinking

  • exploration etc.

However, the focus of our adult life has been limited to our day jobs and chores at home. Since our brain continues to grow and rewire throughout our lives (too insignificant in my case, I admit!), wouldn’t it naturally make sense that taking up art and craft activities as an adult will also result in the same benefits for us?

But How?

Creating and crafting things can help us unleash our creativity, we can re-learn various emotions that, as a child, existed naturally within us, like-

  • being open

  • being curious

  • being creative

  • being unaffected by failure

And these are undoubtedly the qualities shaping the. workforce in the 21st century!!

Actively engaging in art and crafts will help us in living a richer and fuller life. It will definitely add to more joy in our lives and an empowering outlook. When we are indulging in art and crafts, we are always open to learning something new.

This broadens our horizon and stimulates our minds, as the object is to bring back our lives to a beginner’s mindset.

Through the DIY Craft subscription boxes curated by “Made By Me”, taking up crafting as a hobby has become so much easier! No longer focusing on what and how to make - just be surprised like a child and let your senses explore!

Every day, at ‘Made By Me’, we are making a conscious effort to bring back the ‘Inner Child’ hidden in each of us. So, lets experience together the Joy of creating something with our hands and soul.

What are some activities that you think can bring out the child in you? Do share in the comments below.

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