Let’s Begin a Craft-lution!

Craft lution

A What?! Just trying my luck at a quirky take on a Crafting Resolution/Revolution mingled together!

So why, you may ask, should I include a New Year’s Resolution to craft something, say once or twice a month?

Why Not? I ask back. Why not give up an hour or two of TV or party time in a month? That btw, is a mere 2 hrs out of 480 active hours…not counting our precious slumber :D

As ambitiously as I try to type this, my toddler decides to chew the phone charger and my grownup starts pestering me for more candy! Huff! However, seeing the immense change in my attitude (for the better I promise :) ), nothing is taking me away from Crafting!

So, like me, if you too like to craft, let’s resolve together to bring it back into focus… to devote time to it as honourably as we do to other pursuits in life. To Nurture it, Love it and Make it ours once more! No matter how big or small, clumsy or perfect… let us continue to breathe life into inanimate objects and beautify our lives from without and within… and in the process hope to bring about a Revolution that our society again needs – to value Art & Culture above consumerism!

Have a Happily Crafting New Year!

#Crafting #Craft #DIY

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