Why DIY when I can Buy?

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Hmm… a tricky one there (Deep thinking smiley :D )

So home cooked meal for you or a take away?

While we do enjoy eating out and ordering-in food every now & then…it can’t replace the warmth and satisfaction of a home cooked wholesome meal, especially by your mom. No matter how mundane or imperfect it turns out to be - ask any hosteller and you would know!

The second reason being, eating out often is unhealthy. With all the laden fats, oils and sodium… (Yes Mom, I agree finally!)

The third: Cooking (at least occasionally :P ) is therapeutic! As you draw in the aromas and revel in the colours… and observe the worries of a tiring day melt away.

So moral of the story is that we must cook at home on a regular basis.

Wait…What? You thought it’s a craft blog?

Ah! Well...all you need to do is replace the food/meal with “Crafts” and you will get the point I’m trying to make here!

I guess it doesn’t need any more explanation so I rest my case now :)

Let’s bring back the Culture of Crafting together!

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