We can do no great things - only small things with Great Love.

- Mother Teresa

With GST round the corner, the entire country is in a frenzy. All trades and businesses face huge challenges… panic filled messages are floating across all social channels… New business models are being created to sync in with the business processes. It is a big change indeed but a much awaited one - with the sole aim to simplify the chaotic tax system in the country.

On a different but similar tangent, at ‘Made by Me’, we are trying to restore mindfulness and creativity to our inner chaotic world, through our DIY craft boxes!

We believe that a better way to respond to an uncertainty is by doing small things with great care, love and compassion - it sends a great signal to the world out there about what you care for and what you stand for! In the process, the humble act of doing simple things takes on a larger appearance.

Then why, as adults, is it so hard to take up ‘Simple & Small’ things like arts & crafts? I think, roughly in the last 2 decades, the fabric of society has been changing so rapidly that we all want to achieve something extraordinary and do some unique things to make our mark felt!

However, I remember when I was in a crisis and far away from family, how I reconnected to myself in difficult times, by simple restarting my childhood love of painting.

I remember that smile on my mother’s face when I presented her with a handmade floral bouquet. Or her endless stories about how my sisters, in their school days, created very beautiful silk-thread bangles for her.

When a stranger, randomly gave me a ‘Japanese Girl’ hand-painted popsicle while I was travelling in Tokyo.

In our parent’s generation it was common for people to do random acts of service for extended family members and close friends - mostly entered around DIY crafts and cooking. How sad that we are depriving our souls from this deep, lasting joy! I’m sure it will be tough for the millennials to understand why my aunt would knit a cardigan for my father? Why my cousin (10 years older than me) would write us letters in another language to help us learn it! Or why my grandmother’s friends would come over to help prepare festive sweets and snacks?

The ‘DIY’ buzz word was no where to be found back then but it was in these small things done with great love that the true joy of life could be found!

Few of us will ever do “great things” that remake companies and reshape industries. But all of us can do small things with great Love - things that touch and inspire the lives of the people in our immediate surroundings… and not sometime in the future but right here and now!

(If you are unsure where to start, then our new range of easy and chic DIY craft boxes, rightfully called, DIY to TRY, are just the perfect nudge you need!)

What are some of the small things that you think you can do with great love?

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