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Who we are

Dreamt since 1990s and Founded in 2016, Made By Me is a subscription based service in the Craft-DIY space. After successfully operating in India, we are now set to launch in Singapore.

Passionate about crafts ourselves, we understand the complexities involved in handcrafting; and were always looking for means to make it easier for more and more people to pursue the same!

Made By Me’ as the name symbolizes, is a representation of this desire to create and flaunt things that, though handmade, are chic, sophisticated and classy!

Philosophy Behind

At Made By Me, we want to revive the art of crafting in our busy city lives – to replenish our lives with the deep contentment and satisfaction that comes with Do-It-Yourself.


As a child, we all love crafting and creating, but that inclination gets lost as we grow. Little do we realize that the worldly distractions do not let us speak to our core and provide only fleeting joy. Made By Me, is our way to re-ignite and preserve the creative sparks in the lives of our customers.


Through our business, we look forward to promote a culture of crafting and creating that was prevalent in our society just a few decades ago. We also want to promote indigenous suppliers and NGOs by sourcing many of our basic supplies from them.

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DIY - the new age Mantra!

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How can we help you?

If you:

  • have a passion for crafting & creating

  • run short of time to hunt for right supplies 

  • like receiving surprise gifts

...then, you have just landed at the right place!